🗡 Resurgo Spear

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Whilst the focus of the Fundraising Field Guide Book is to help clarify the fundraising challenges and process for high growth early-stage tech startups, there are many other forms of praise-worthy entrepreneurship. Some non-tech startups are doing very amazing things, particularly in the realm of social entrepreneurship and social development. In particular, I’d like to highlight the work of Resurgo’s Spear Programme in empowering youth.

The Resurgo Trust is the creator of the Spear Programme. The Spear Programme helps young people facing barriers getting into work or education. The Resurgo coaching team equip young people with confidence, motivation and the vital skills they need to succeed in long-term employment.

I’ve witnessed, first-hand, the transformative nature of the programme and the empowerment it gives its graduates. I’ve been super impressed by how talented and driven the graduates are and even their ambition to continue on, post-programme, with their development. One particularly exciting case for me was when we partnered with CodeFirstGirls and Silicon Valley Bank for the Founders For Opportunity Initiative in 2018. Check out the video of that experience here.

In an effort to make as much of the proceeds from the book go to Resurgo directly as possible, feel free to donate directly to them (suggested donation of £9.99 or as much more as you’d like) via this JustGiving page. After your donation, you will receive a link from which you will be able to download the book.