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If you’re about to raise money as a first-time entrepreneur, you have two choices: Get taken to the cleaners by your early investors, as investors do deals all the time, and you probably don’t. They are better at it! Or read Carlos Espinal’s wonderful, comprehensive and eminently readable Fundraising Field Guide 3.0. Take your pick!

John Mullins, best-selling author of Break the Rules!, The New Business Road Test, and Associate Professor, London Business School

Having raised multiple rounds for my startups, I thought I intimately understood how fundraising works. But, it wasn’t until I started professionally investing I discovered *how little I actually knew*. In Fundraising Field Guide 3.0, Espinal unpacks the mysteries of the investor mindset, the tactics you should use to execute a successful fundraise, and when you should raise. It’s an invaluable tool in the entrepreneurial toolkit.

Devin Hunt, Co-founder of Lyst, Founder Centric, and Useful Books, and co-author of Workshop Survival Guide

I see founders make the same fundraising mistake all the time. The lucky ones figure this out in enough time to change track. The unlucky ones end up with a bad deal—or no deal at all. If you want to short cut these learnings and maximise your chance of a successful raise, this book by Seedcamp’s Carlos Espinal is a must.

Andy Budd, Investor, author of The Growth Equation, founding member of the Adobe Design Circle, Founder of the Clearleft Design Agency